My Innocent Valencia

Walk with me through the city of orange trees.

1. Mint, Honey & a Map


That’s the best place for a pirate to go in the mornings when natural inhabitants still sleep (which could be more or less until noon).

I love to start the day with a hot water with fresh mint leafs inside and a shot of honey. It is not in the menu but if you ask kindly and add a convincing “Harr Harr” they will serve it.

It’s perfect if you plan to conquer the city with an old school paper map but if you are one of these 21. century pirates doing it with Google Maps yout shall be warned: this place has NO WIFI (which I admire, but not everybody likes..)

Why don’t you have a look around in that 360º panorama?

When can I go?

Monday to Friday

11.00 – 01.30

Saturday and Sunday

09.00 – 01.00

Where do I go?


How can I stalk it?

Cafe Museu on Facebook

Cafe Museu on Tripadvisor


By coincidence I was there on a wednesday night and suddenly part of one of the funniest little vintage auctions I have ever been to – the place gets full of locals of all ages and they start to sing along every old record before they bid on it afterwards. Reminded me a lot on the good old times on my ship, singing along while throwing people over board. Haaa, good old times!

2. A Crepe & a Crayon


Hmmmm, here I had some of the god damn best crepes I’ve ever tried. My favourite (as featured in the image) is Mozarella, Spinach & Ham – it normally comes with rosins but since rosins are disgusting I ordered it without them. Yummie!! 

When can I go?

Every Day

13:30 – 16:30

& 20:30 – 00:00

Where do I go?

How can I stalk it?

Creperie Bretonnes’ Website

Creperie Bretonne on Facebook


They give you crayons to paint on your placemat but apparently EVERYONE that ever visited this place decided to paint on the walls. There is no better way to conquer a place then by writing “I was here!” on the wall.

I am still in Valencia – new spots are conquered at the moment – come back in the next days to discover more..


Valencia, Spain

My Valencian Favorites on..

Rainy Days

A coffee & a book.

Such a cozy and homely spot, perfect to go in the mornings when locals still sleep. Start with a hot water with fresh mint leafs inside and a shot of honey. They also make great coffee and by night you can enjoy the terrace with a cold wine.

Watch out – this place has NO WIFI (which I admire, but not everybody likes..)Opening times: Monday to Friday from 11.00 – 01.30 / Saturday and Sunday from 09.00 – 01.00

Address: Carrer del Museu, 7, 46003 València 

Facebook: Café Museu

Unlimited Wifi & art.

Website: IVAM

Moving Around

Metro / Bus / Tram



Cheapest Bikes in Town



Kaf Cafe Wednesday Jam Sessions

Quiet Spots

Tiny orange trees parc in the center

Visual Porn

Central Market Street Art in el Carmen Modernist Train Station

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