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Being a woman in the 21st-century is great. We can put on as much make up as we want and as less clothes as we feel like. Right?

Wrong. Everyday at least one example of the other species has to remind me that I am totally wrong about that. Although I consider myself pretty laid back when it comes to styling and sexy babe outfits. I also never did make up so it’s kind of too late to start with it now, being so fckn close to turn 30 – I think I just missed that boat. And still, looking quite boring and normal, it crossed my mind more than once to just take out my old sewing machine and make myself a Burka 2 Go.

But to be honest I don’t even want to start complaining about street harassment. I think half of earths population knows what I am talking about and the other half apparently prefers not to think about it to much. So let’s skip the moaning and suffering part and talk directly about what to do against sexual street harassment. For easier reading and spreading I allowed myself to cut it down into this 3 different danger-situations:



If a man is „just“ annoying, but not dangerous:

Fight back little kitty!



1. A good cat..

..never leaves home without having her nails done sharpened. Just pick one of the following sentences to scratch back when they try to annoy you:


„Is your mother on Whats App? I would love to tell her what a filthy pig her son turned out to be..“

„Sorry to interrupt you insulting me – but did you actually ever pick up a woman like that? No?! I am not surprised.. Good luck further on!“

Or just put on a deep voice and say: „Thank you baby, but I am not gay..“



2. Make sure your phone is properly charged..

..taking it out when someone calls you „hot babe“ or similar and taking a picture (preferably with flash) really scares the shit out of men. I don’t know why. In case they don’t run away (what they usually do) you can ask them the following:


„Harassment is against the law of *fill in your country* and I would like to report you. Could you give me your full name, please? ..Pretty please?!“



3. Make him realize what he just did..

..and do this loudly and proud in front of everyone just passing by or sitting with you in the bus or metro. Just go like:


„Uuuuhm, I am sorry Sir, what did you just say about my ass? It is what…?“ Let him process the humiliation and then finish him with: „Now piss off!“

„Sorry Sir, but I don’t know you and I don’t think touching me at my *fill in affected part of body* in front of all this people is very good idea. I bet half of them would have no problem beating you up for that. So, do us all a favor and PISS OFF.“



If a man is annoying & persistent:
Give the boy something else to play with!



4. If talking doesn’t help..

..or you just don’t feel like explaining a random douchebag that he is a douchebag, just hand him one of these flyers:

Dear man.. 1
Dear man.. 2


5. And in case it is to dark to read..

…you can always give him THE FACE. And there is no better face than Jennas face:




If a man is persistent and dangerous:
Hiss and retreat!



6. When it gets dangerous..

..Be aware of where you are. The most important thing when you feel harassed is to make sure that someone is around. In case you realize there is nobody beware! Don’t provoke anything that can bring you into danger. NEVER!


• If you have the chance to run, RUN.

• If you can scream, SCREAM. Screaming fire is often more effective then screaming for help.

• If you are in a situation that you can’t run away anymore you should be prepared to fight. Taking a self-defense class or learning a martial art is always a good idea, though you should know that the first thing you will be taught will be to defend yourself only if it is necessary and run as soon as you get the chance. There are a lot of videos online that are really good and detailed – but from my personal experience I can tell you that in real life you need muscle memory to be able to fight back. I really recommend you to either take a class or watch a video with a friend and try all the movements several times together, so you get at least an idea of how the situation could be.

I prepared you a playlist of some very good self-defense videos, feel free to share!


7. When it is over..

..don’t try to forget about it. Whatever happened, it needs to be processed.


Talk about it as often as it crosses your mind. You don’t have to be ashamed for something that SOMEONE ELSE DID TO YOU. Share your feelings with your friends, you will be surprised how many of them had similar experiences. You may even set up a Whats App chat in which you are able to get support right away from your closest friends.

• Share your experience with the world by using Stop Street Harassment or Hollaback, which even offers an mobile app that connects you with a world map on which you can post what happened to you and help other women to know what is happening around them. Or be part of Laura Bates impressing Everyday Sexism Project and share your story with the rest of the world via Twitter.

• If you are not sure if that what happened to you was harassment or you don’t dare to speak about it with someone you know, you can visit this great Tumblr Blog „i believe you | it’s not your fault“ and share you story there. You can be sure to find people that listen to you and will support you.

• If you need a backup that you can carry with you discreetly this Personal Guardian is one of the best inventions I have ever heard of! You can already pre-order it in the UK, rest of Europe is coming soon! Alternatively you can also use the great app „Komm Gut Heim“ that allows you to add a circle of friends to virtually accompany you until you arrive home safe.



Whatever happens out there – in this for most men invisible battlefield – STAY SAFE LADIES and spread the word!


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